A Passion Realized

My name is Rwin, and I have always had a deep love and appreciation for the art of perfumery. I was first introduced to the world of fragrances at a young age through smelling great perfumes. Something about the evocative power of a scent to transport me back to a cherished memory struck a profound chord.

I grew up dreaming of one day having my own perfume line. While studying at university, I began privately experimenting with essential oils in my spare time. Blending scents and receiving feedback from friends and family only affirmed my passion. It was then I knew I wanted to make fragrances my career.

After that, I gained practical business experience working. However, my heart continued calling me back to perfume. In 2021, I took the leap and founded Rwin Scent Studio.

As creative director, I focus on crafting each fragrance with ethically sourced, premium ingredients. The satisfaction I find in precisely blending scents by hand and seeing the joy it brings customers is truly rewarding.

Get In Touch

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